Top 6 Basic Patterns for Mobile Navigation: Pros and Cons

Mobile Navigation Patterns

What is Mobile Navigation in App Design?

Imagine mobile apps are cities in the world and you (the user) are a tourist. Every city has its own culture, language, roads, and architecture that you might not understand. Mobile navigation design is like a map or GPS that allows you to navigate those cities.

Good navigation design makes it effortless for you to move between the different screens of an app, it is intuitive and makes you feel in control the whole time, letting you know where you are going and where you are at all times.

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How the UX industry is changing towards speed-designing techniques

Speed-designing is about making quick decisions

The process used to be simple and straightforward. Back in the late 90’s and early 2000’s if you wanted to make a website, you needed a Web Designer.

That basically meant you need a person who knows how to “make a website,” implying both design and code it. For complex websites in that era, you also needed a developer who coded a back-end and databases to make it more robust.

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How to Build UX Onboarding Screens that Make a User Stay with Your App

Everything has its beginning. First time unpacking a new Apple product or the first time launching your brand new PS5 – all these experiences bring an unmatched first impression, which stays in a users’ mind and on the tips of his/her fingers. The skill of making a striking first impression is an art indeed, where impeccable user experience is the key.

UX workflow also has its “first date” with a customer. Moreover, the first time using the UX flow may define whether the user will stay with your app for a long while, or the interaction drops. As sadly as it sounds, this is a frequent case: about 79% of the users abandon the app within five to seven days of using it.

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The popularity of Dark Modes in Mobile App UI

dark modes in mobile app

Dark themed graphical user interfaces have been a hot topic of late, especially since late 2019 when Apple introduced dark mode to macOS Catalina, to iOS and iPadOS with iOS 13 and Google to Android 10. Because mobile devices are exactly what their name describes, mobile, it means they can be used in all sorts of different physical contexts, which makes the question of dark modes in mobile app, especially pertinent.

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6 Mobile App UX Design Mistakes You Should Avoid

Mobile App UX Design Mistakes

The number of mobile phones across the world has increased dramatically throughout the past decade. It is estimated that most users spend around 88% of their time on their mobile phones using apps. In other words, the world’s mobile app screen time consumption is a lot. 

This fact comes as no surprise. Apps have the power to make our lives more comfortable, and there’s practically one for every possible thing you can imagine. The downside is that, as competition increases, it becomes harder to make a given app stand out. Not only is it expected for an app to surpass its competitors. It also has to avoid certain mobile app ux design mistakes that might be detrimental to its key metrics like engagement.

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5 Best Wireframe Tools for Mobile App Design in 2021

A wireframe tool essentially creates visual mockups outlining the basic website structure, landing page, or a mobile app. It uses essential elements and shapes to block out each content and UI element, thereby planning where each will fit. Practical wireframe tools are simple to use and rearrange elements swiftly and smoothly for approval before moving on to the next more complex prototype. Finding the right tools is easier said than done. It will depend on numerous factors, including remote access, large or small teams, and usability.

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Usability Testing Methods To Evaluate Your Mobile App Design

Usability Testing Methods

When you’re launching your digital product, you need to know as much as possible about it. That includes insight into the design. Failing to test your design is like sifting through sand dunes blindfolded and handcuffed looking for a quarter. What you want instead is to test your design thoroughly and repeatedly until it satisfies your target audience. You need iterative usability testing. In this article, we will explore different types of usability testing methods and when to use which method.

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Micro-Interactions in Mobile Devices


Today, there are more and more products on the market, and the competition is tighter. This is why we could say that the best ally to stand out in the digital ecosystem is to have a good design and offer an excellent user experience. The user experience is where the so-called micro-interactions start to play a paramount role, helping our products to provide a higher quality experience and making them more attractive to the user. But what are they?

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