Zep Inc uses cloud and engineering to gain more insights into their 200K+ distributors' inventory levels

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Track customer’s inventory
Predict upcoming in-flow of purchase orders
Increased visibility into their sales funnel

Executive Summary

Zep Inc. is a leading producer and marketer of a wide range of high efficacy maintenance and cleaning solutions for commercial, industrial, institutional, and consumer end-markets. Zepware was product of engagement between Simform and Zep. It helps Zep to build business models which enable forecasting order in-flows and predict sales funnels.

Mike Motta, Vice President Sales, Zep Inc

Mike Motta

“We worked with Simform to develop two different software products and our experience has been nothing short of amazing. Outsourcing software development can be challenging.What impressed me the most about Simform was how much focus was given to understanding our end users. I think that is why these solutions have been so instrumental in the productivity rise for our sales reps. To anyone looking to develop software products, I highly recommend Simform team.”


Integration with existing ERP

The new product has to remain compliant with the technology that Zep was using internally.

UI design for easy adoption

Many of the customers using Zep’s product relied on old age interfaces and technologies.


Intuitive design

We went forward with a user centered approach, where the goal was to achieve easy user onboarding that required minimum amount of training. We collaborated with them to understand their processes, so that it would help us migrate those processes to web - and wherever possible, improve them.

UI customization

The need for user customization of interface also surfaced during our design analysis. We built admin panel in a such a way that sections can be expanded or collapsed by the user if required.

Application scalability

We started by building overall system design for the project. After the entire system was designed, we started placing elements in place like - servers, programming languages, databases, etc. This resulted into a highly scalable application.


Multi-tenant data architecture

Looking at the business requirements and economic considerations, we chose to build a multi-tenant architecture utilizing shared approach as opposed to simple isolation. Such an implementation allowed Zepware to support more tenants per server and significantly reduced operational costs over time for Zep.

Inventory level management

The inventory levels of Zep’s customers can be checked by the sales representatives using Zepware. When the inventory is about to get low, a sales representative can call and generate work orders.

System integration

Since the project had a wider scope in terms of integration with their ERP and analytics systems. To enable their BI systems leverage this data, we optimized data structures to become coherent and unified to generate analytics. We further created end-points for Zepware to support different applications and systems.

Business Impact

Zep was able to achieve 100% pipline visibility for their 200,000+ customers worldwide. Being able to see through customer inventory levels helped Zep to accurately predict order in-flows and generate actionable insights to guide their future decisions.

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