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Smart Wallet
BLE integration
Secure IoT Device management
Biometric security

Executive Summary

NXT-ID Inc (NASDAQ:NXTD) is an innovative consumer security technology company help consumers manage their footprints in Finance, Healthcare and Mobile Computing. Wocket, a product of NXT-ID, replaces your entire Wallet with a single card and interchangeable accessories to carry cash and other essentials. Leveraging biometric security, Wocket allows users to combine thousands of card into one smart card, allowing them to reduce the number of cards they carry.

Gino M. Pereira, CEO, NXT ID

Gino M. Pereira

“We worked with Simform to build a digital experience for our flagship product, Wocket Wallet, on mobile. Wocket needed to be compatible with both mobile and desktop platforms, and reducing time to market was key for us. Firmware for the hardware was developed in parallel with the mobile apps, and Simform was very involved with our team and provided great communication. The entire team, including developers and project managers, were cooperative and highly responsive. It was easy for us to get the developers quickly caught up to speed with new changes, making the entire process very seamless. I highly recommend them!”


Parallel development

The project has to be planned with high precision to facilitate parallel firmware and software development.

IoT deployment and management

Since Wocket wasn’t internet/Wifi enabled, we had to carefully plan for device management and upgrades.


Given the sensitive use case of Wocket, multiple layers of robust security were required.


Bluetooth smart integration

Wocket’s device had to be completely managed using mobile application, leveraging industry leading BLE protocols. Bluetooth smart was the driver for remote management and maintenance of Wocket devices.

GATT profile setup

Wocket and the mobile app pair with each other, exchanging security keys for permanent bonding. These keys can be exchanged later to re-establish a secure connection after the device connects with the mobile app again.

Clock syncing

As the bonded Wocket was broadcasting information to mobile device, we ensured that the clock is properly synced with each other. This became even more important as we improved data integrity and made sure that no data is lost during the communication.


Firmware OTA updates

For NXT-ID it wasn’t feasible to manually recall and update firmwares in the deployed Wocket devices. So, we implemented over the air (OTA) firmware updates that can be pushed to Wocket via mobile application. We segmented the updates in different packet sizes of 20kb, since, this is the maximum size that can be sent in a single data header.

BlueGiga Integration and Desktop application

Wocket can also be managed using a Desktop application which utilizes BlueGiga BLE to help connect Wocket with user’s Personal computer. We built a desktop software to handling data transfer, match clock and facilitate seamless communication.

Application security and Voice authorization

Security was a prime concern for NXT-ID. To enhance mobile security, we performed extensive security audits to ensure that no application module is vulnerable to attacks. Wocket requires a pin to use a card and can be deactivated remotely, improving the user security. We further implemented a 5 step voice based authentication to accurately validate a user.

Business Impact

Robust software engineering and proprietary WiMag technology proved to be a winner for NXT-ID’s IoT initiatives. Wocket quickly became the flagship product of NXT-ID, and became the key underlying technology for NXT-ID, generating a $15 Million purchase order from World Ventures. Wocket is currently being used by millions across the US.

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