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Services: Managed Engineering Teams, AWS managed service AWS System Manager, Cloud Architecture Design and review, Automation of Operational Tasks, Patch Management and Compliance, Backup and Disaster Recovery

  • 80% task reduction via Systems Manager automation
  • 25% improved resource utilization
  • 98% configuration compliance

About Virgil

Virgil specializes in developing technology-enabled solutions that help individuals and businesses streamline the recruiting process. Hcareers is one of their most popular recruitment platforms that connects employers with hospitality talent.


  • The platform needed to be modernized in order to improve code performance.
  • Bulk job posting was a time-consuming process.
  • Quickly parsing resumes and building a match-making engine using Machine Learning.
  • For further visibility into the ROI, improved analytics and a customized solution were necessary.
  • Integration with existing ATS (Applicant tracking systems) for better recruitment management.

Proposed Solution & Architecture

  • Simform’s managed engineering team initiated a comprehensive re-architecture, leveraging AWS System Manager for efficient management and scaling of microservices. This architectural shift allowed for the decoupling of services and ensured fail-safe operations.
  • Increasing the platform’s scalability was one of the major concerns. Hence, the system is containerized using the AWS Fargate to delegate the scalability. AWS System Manager played a key role in orchestrating containerized applications, enabling seamless scalability based on demand.
  • The data was centralized using AWS Athena for faster analytics and report generation. 
  • We devised a system to keep track of messages in the queue while implementing a queuing mechanism for submitting job postings. It will check for job posting notifications on a regular basis and act on them instantly. Employers were having to wait longer earlier when AirSchedular was used to execute this task. 
  • This also increased debugging visibility for developers, allowing them to know if there were any errors in uploading files.
  • For faster resume processing and better application performance, we improved the existing code.
  • The caching approach was put in place to reduce the number of times the Google location search API billed for frequently searched job locations. We used ElastiCache for two months and preserved the caching limit, which allowed us to cache locations several times while only being paid once.
  • With the support of AWS System Manager, we enabled a mass job posting mechanism that catered to large-scale recruiting and candidate screening, utilizing the preferences of thousands of relevant profiles efficiently.
  • Our team implemented Amazon OpenSearch to enhance data search capabilities, enabling faster and more precise search functionality.
  • We leveraged Amazon OpenSearch to bolster analytics capabilities, empowering Virgil with deeper insights into data for informed decision-making.

Metrics for success

  • Significantly improved scalability of the platform.
  • Significantly enhanced application performance, resulting in an increased number of users. 
  • Increased visibility into credit usage by clients using the newly developed credit-ledger system. 
  • Using AWS managed services, the platform can handle more than 600,000 users per day, which is 10 times the previous figure, without compromising the user experience.
  • Achieved 80% reduction in manual task execution through Systems Manager automation, resulting in faster incident response and resource provisioning.
  • Improved resource utilization by 25% through Systems Manager’s resource optimization tools, enabling right-sizing and efficient management of instances for optimal performance and cost savings.
  • Achieved a configuration compliance rate of 98% through rigorous application of Systems Manager’s automation capabilities, ensuring standardized configurations across the environment.

Arhitecture Diagram


AWS Services

  • AWS Lambda: Transfers files between Amazon S3 locations, facilitating global data access and updates applicant records in the database for compliance and user management. It also triggers email confirmation notifications, enhancing user engagement.
  • AWS System Manager: It serves as a comprehensive management solution for efficiently configuring, managing, and automating tasks across the AWS infrastructure. It plays a central role in optimizing the platform’s performance, security, and operational efficiency.
  • AWS Fargate: Manages containerized code for improved security and server management and eliminates operational overhead through automated scaling and patching.
  • Amazon RDS: Stores app data for multiple microservices, ensuring scalability and operational ease and performs complex queries for data retrieval, optimizing search functionality.
  • Amazon EC2: Connects external and private resources, facilitating virtual private networks and hosts special-purpose web APIs for limited user accounts, enhancing user experience.
  • AWS Athena: Queries massive raw data files within the application database for analytics and acts as an intermediary between S3-stored Parquet files and third-party analytics services.
  • AWS Glue: Integrates with Athena to extract data from Parquet files hosted on S3.
  • Amazon OpenSearch: Facilitates rapid data retrieval based on user-defined filters such as job location and role.
  • Amazon ECR: Stores docker images, streamlining deployment and image management.
  • AWS CloudWatch: Collects and evaluates various metrics and logs for monitoring.
  • AWS CloudTrail: Enhances security analysis, governance, and risk auditing, simplifying troubleshooting and security management.

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