Transportation telematics and driver behaviour analysis application for fleet managers

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Connected car platform
IoT driven fleet management
Advanced transportation telematics
Enabling PAYD and PADH insurance models

Executive Summary

Saga Systems develops fleet management systems, innovative driving behaviour analysis tools and provides telematics services based on data accrued from its customer base. Tryg-i-bil is an IoT enabled application that helps fleet operators collect data and manage fleets remotely.

Robert B. Jacobsen, CEO, Saga Systems

Robert B. Jacobsen

“We hired Simform to create transportation telematics and driver behaviour analysis application for fleet managers. They really understood our business and needs very well. They went an extra mile to achieve the perfection that we sought. They have been an amazing development partner. I will definitely recommend Simform to anyone who is looking to build tech solutions for their business.”


Real time tracking and scalability

This intelligent transportation system was data intensive and required a high performing technology stack to operate efficiently

Data sync across platforms

Any changes made on a platform should be reflected in real time on all other platforms


Fleet planning and operations

Tryg-i-bil allows fleet operators to add their entire route to the application, including critical fleet planning details that make the travel eco-friendly and profitable to the fleet operators. The app helps them stick to the required course and operate efficiently.

Greener and efficient fleet management

An IoT device connected to the vehicle’s onboard diagnostics computer tracks the movement, speed and mileage. It then sends collected information to cloud where it is consumed to generate insightful analytics helping fleet owners operate more efficiently, in an eco-friendly manner.

Automation using Business rules

Tryg-i-bil monitors driver’s frequent routes and timings to generate vehicle usage patterns. The application then smartly categorises the trip into a professional or a personal trip.


Real time fleet management

We implement real time sockets to transfer data seamlessly from the device to cloud servers. Node.js and MongoDB helped storing GPS logs on a scale with thousands of vehicles on route.

Mobile Analytics

We custom built highly intuitive mobile analytics for Tryg-i-bil to support easy decision making and provide planning support to drivers directly from mobile. Easily adopted and highly used, these analytics are an essential part of daily operations for fleet operators.

Increased fleet security

Trusting a $240,000+ vehicle to any driver has been a significant risk to many of the fleet managers. We implemented an “actionable” security radius, that defines maximum operating range for a driver. If a driver goes outside this range, the fleet administrator gets notified and can immediately alert authorities.

Business Impact

Tryg-i-Bil was quickly adopted by hundreds of business in Norway, managing entire fleet operations using this smart-IoT enabled application. Further, Tryg-i-Bil dramatically improved efficiency and reduced operating costs using enforcing greener driving to fleet drivers.

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