Cloud based solution to manage and automate Supply chain operations

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Creates and dispatch shipments
Supply Chain Management
Shipment cost optimization
Data tracking for compliance

Executive Summary

Transaction logistics provides customized shipping solutions to mid-sized business across The United States and Canada. TransTMS helps them deliver cost-optimized shipping services to their clients and manage larger complex supply chain requirements.

Jeff Petreman, CEO, TransAction Logistics

Jeff Petreman

“After 8 years of going through 3 off the shelf software packages, We decided to team up with Simform as they had strong previous experience in the Logistics field coupled with extremely advance technical know how. They really took the time to understand our business and needs. I would recommend Simform to anyone looking to develop software on a large scale.”


Workflow automation

As a part of client’s digital strategy, whenever possible much of the work should be automated.

Cloud infrastructure

Our implementation should be integrable with many systems, and at the same time remain scalable as well.

Shipping cost optimization

Building such a decision supporting feature requires understanding of ins and outs of the project.


Solution design

We began by input, process and output analysis, benchmarking various UI workflows and checked what worked best. This approach highlighted many issues and questions that otherwise would have caused problems later. After basic workflows were finalized, we started building invision flows to test our UX with real customers.

EDI Integration

To automate most of the information exchanged, even from email attachments, we integrated EDI with TransTMS. EDI removes the need for - email, postal mail and fax, collecting these documents directly on the server where automated information processing happens.

Shipment optimization

TransTMS was already an amazing concept, but we wanted to take it one step further. We looked at the option to optimize shipments by breaking it using two factors: Routes, Logistic providers. A shipment can be broken into any parts by using these two factors. This has shown to significantly optimize costs and timely delivery for Transaction Logistics clients.


Automated rate sourcing and shipment status

Rate sourcing previously involved long cycles to document, call and respond to various quotes. Whenever the system receives a shipment request, it automatically sends out an email to qualified logistics providers. Once shipped, the application allows customers to check the status and location of their shipments.

Quickbooks integration

TransTMS automatically generates invoices for shipment orders. The back office teams gets visibility to all transactions, and can assure that vendors are paid properly and invoices have been sent timely.

Audit compliant

Given the nature of Supply Chain complexities, TransTMS tracks and records each and every activity during entire transportation. We built this functionality using non-corruptible MySQL databases, that ensures that data integrity and availability.

Business Impact

TransTMS is one of few robust end-to-end softwares for complex supply chain in the American continent. It has completely changed how Transaction logistics worked with complete workflow automation. Most significantly, it drastically reduced the number of hours required to do the same amount of work.

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