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Supply chain optimization
Power BI Dashboard to track KPIs
Workflow simplification
Payment processing

Executive Summary

LSLHoldings is a carrier optimization and logistic consulting company that has been helping their client select the right logistics solution from past 20 years. To manage operations at scale and serve more users they engaged Simform to build Shipezee, a platform that makes shipping easy and affordable for businesses.

Lee Smith, CEO, LSL Holdings Co.

Lee Smith

“I have had the pleasure of working with the Simform team for over 2 years. I have found them to be very forward thinking, and able to execute to the highest levels of my expectations. They have assisted me to build a great software solution, and at this point they know the system better than I do. They have been able to make some great suggestions and collaborated on a level that is unsurpassed in my experience. I look forward to continuing to work with the Simform team as they provide on going support to our software solution.”


System design

Given the dependency on external resources, system design has to account for each failure and requires solution built for each and every edge case.

Legacy APIs

Some of the carriers had legacy APIs that weren’t allowing certain product features to work.


From handling sensitive information to a custom wallet, we had to remove all vulnerabilities


Simplifying workflow, bulk ordering

The design was simple yet very powerful. Each shipment form was broken into five parts, each collapses on its own when filled, requiring low cognitive load for the user to move forward. For bulk ordering a user can directly upload a CSV file containing those orders into Shipezee and group into different or same shipments.

API Integration

We integrated five different APIs - UPS, Fedex, CanPar, Canada Post and Purolator, to allow the user to get the best possible quote for their requirements.

API enhancement

At the time of commencement of Shipezee, two of the carriers - CanFar and Canada Post required an API upgrade, which otherwise could jeopardise the entire project. Our developers and Project managers worked closely for a month with Canpar and Canada Post to enhance their APIs and make it usable for the project. This API enhancement helped us to add pre-labelled shipping functionality within Shipezee.


Google Places API

Adding data manually increases the chance of user generated errors, and a wrong address for the shipment could be disaster. Therefore, we made sure that each address and pincode entered into the system is cross-referenced by Google Places API to make sure it is a valid one.

Plug and play architecture

To bring failure tolerance in Shipezee, we separate logics in different parts - Business logic and Core logic, each logic running their own servers, independent of each other. Even if one fails, others will continue to work. We also built Shipezee to be easily integrable with other shipment APIs as well, leveraging a plug and play architecture layer.

Shipezee API endpoints

Our scalable implementation for Shipezee allowed the client to provide end-points to warehouse management systems. Now, these Warehouse management systems can seamlessly integrate with Shipezee to bring the power of cloud based solution in within their existing modern and legacy systems.


Custom Wallet and Payment Integration

Paypal and PayFirma were integrated to assist online payments. We built a Wallet based payment system from scratch to help with any other use case of payments. The payment systems were developed in a way that offered smooth, fast and frictionless payment experience.

Application security

Since the system often handles important and sensitive information we added additional security in terms of encryption and bitmap-based images. Shipezee has been developed with industry leading security to protect users’ information.


We build a dashboard to support their operations and track their KPIs. Each and every Supply chain complexities were easily highlighted and successfully tackled with this implementation.

Business Impact

Being a very unique and high performing solution, Shipezee is now processing over 10,000 packages in a month. They have been observing high adoption amongst their current user base, and have successfully fostered many partnerships.

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