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Why Choose Simform for Web Development?

We are a web development company that purely focuses on building fully functional, robust, and scalable web applications. We build custom web apps using the right technology stacks that align with your business objectives and help you achieve maximum growth. Our end goal is to build quality web applications for you that maximize resource utilization at a low cost.

Our web application development services include design and development, testing, and support and maintenance. Along with that, our experienced web app developers also help you in technology consultation, modernizing legacy architectures, and migrating to new web architecture.

  • Experts in migrating to microservices
  • Innovative in modularizing existing architectures
  • Experience in building Service-Oriented-Architectures (SOA)
  • Consistent delivery by following CI/CD approaches
  • Strict adherence to dedicated QA practices
  • Support and maintenance round-the-clock
  • Tech-savvy in integrating the cloud power and web solutions
  • Guaranteed results in improving UI/UX interactivity

Trusted by 900+ happy clients including these Fortune companies

Custom Web Application Development Offerings

SaaS Apps Development Services

Our SaaS consultants will help you build multi-tenant, secure, and robust SaaS solutions so that you can serve customers better.

Front end Development Services

Build modern single page web applications using the reusable, dynamic, component driven architecture of React.js, Angular.js, Vue.js.

Progressive Web Apps Development Services

Bring features and performance we expect from native apps to any browser and across platforms without any interruption or loss of speed.

Backend & Node.js Development Services

Our software architects design solid backend to accommodate scale, flexibility to integrate, advanced data structures, and cutting edge security.

E-commerce Web Apps Development Services

Using Shopify, Magento, and custom frameworks, we help you build e-shops and B2B eCommerce portals that boost your growth.

Custom Web Apps Development for Enterprises

Get a performance boost across the organization by building web-based apps like inventory-, transport-, learning, and process management systems.

Benefits of Working with

Building scalable web apps using modern frameworks, structured architecture patterns, and user-centric UI/UX designs are the things that differentiate us from our competitors. In a nutshell, our custom web application development services are a promised commitment to quality and on-time delivery.

Progressive web applications using modern frameworks

We have over a decade of experience in building world-class B2B and B2C applications focusing on M&E, Healthcare, Fintech, Transportation, RTC, AdTech, e-Learning, and data analytics.

Our web app engineering team has delivered products to over 400 clients, including global brands such as Google, Pepsi, Hilton, Redbull, and Sony Music. Our technology stack includes the newest technologies such as React.js, Angular.js, Vue.js, PostgreSQL, Python, MongoDB, Node.js, etc.

Structured architectural patterns for developing systems at scale

We help build large scale web applications adhering to Google’s definition of “progressiveness”, making them fast even on 2G networks, offline-available and easily installable across devices.

Great web apps start with great front-end

Slow load times, poor performance, and dated UX design can impact your bottom line. Your business depends on providing differentiated and engaging experiences.

Navigate web complexities with experienced consultants

There are a lot of firms that can build web apps. But there are few who can develop world-class web apps that will drive results. Our team coaches you through every tech decision critical to you.

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How We Develop
Web Apps Using Agile

Sprint planning

Sprint roadmap is a collective planning effort. Team members collaborate to clarify items and ensure shared understanding.

Tech architecture

We break monolithic apps into microservices. Decoupling the code allows teams to move faster and more independently.

Stand-ups & weekly demos

Stand ups, weekly demos, and weekly reviews make sure everyone is on the same page and can raise their concerns.

Code reviews

Code reviews before release help detect issues like memory leaks, file leaks, performance signs, and general bad smells.

Industries We Serve

  • Finance
  • Software
  • Healthcare
  • Consumer
  • Education
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Sports
  • Social Media

Bank analytics web platform

For Wealth Managers to mine valuable customer data, take actions in real-time and redefine the customer relationships with Bank Analytics Web App

Video interview platform

An AI-powered assessment & video platform that leverages video interview, online examinations, coding platform & VM simulations to screen and hire candidates.

Healthcare-centric PWAs and web portals that improve communication and collaboration to find, share information faster, and improve patient engagement.

Web-based communication platform

Scalable API-driven web-based instant messaging & video conference platform with real-time data communication built over serverless technology.

Educational content management portal

Online Content Management Portal for the university to keep a shared repository of text-based learning materials, video content and exam coordination.

Web-based e-commerce store

A dedicated e-Commerce Web App with product catalogues, advanced search results, online payment and integrated loyalty programs to reach more customers.

Inventory management portal

Web portal for supply chain management for multiple locations, safety stock, re-order points, cycle counts, demand and distribution requirements planning.

Athlete training platform

Custom athlete training platform for sports practitioners with athlete data & performance management, motion tracking and athlete tracking service.

Social media platform for pets

A networking platform that leverages personal relationships and social circles to connect pet owners with pet sitters, boarding schools & veterinarians.

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Simform Guarantee

  • Flexible, efficient scaling
    Flexible, efficient scaling

    Expand or reduce your remote team size on demand.

  • Team of 1,000+ engineers
    Team of 1,000+ engineers

    Access vetted experts in the tech stack of your choice.

  • Long-term predictability
    Long-term predictability

    Simform’s average engagement duration is 2 years.

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Web applications are specific software designed in a way that it runs on a web browser with web specific resources. So far we’ve developed different types of web apps which vary from a small static web app to an ERP solution.

1. Static Web Apps
2. Dynamic Web App
3. Online Store
4. Portal Web Apps
5. Animated Web App
The cost of Web App development depends on many factors such as :

Development platform - PWA, SaaS

App categories - e-Commerce, Gaming, Entertainment, On-Demand Delivery

App Complexities - number of screens, limited data, need for API connection, admin console, user profiles

Resource location - Orlando or other cities in the USA.

After having established these factors, we create a detailed description that includes user journeys, tech stack, project investment, and timeline. Contact us with your requirement to get the App development cost.
Web apps are exclusively designed to be used from a web browser. These are combinations of server-side script (ASP .NET, PHP, etc.) and client-side script (HTML, JavaScript, etc.). The web browser (thin client) fetches the web server components installed at the backend infrastructure of the system for the heavy lifting in providing its core functional web services. Some common examples of web applications are Facebook, Medium, Twitter, Smashing Magazine, Flipkart, etc.

On the other hand, SaaS is an evolved web app. It’s equally used to access services over the internet like web apps but not always exclusively dependent on the web browser to work. SaaS products are built to give richer user customization experience and seamless integration with resilient and seamless back-end infrastructure. Some common examples are Evernote, Salesforce, Hubspot, Zoho, Dropbox. Etc.
Progressive web app is a new software development methodology which is used to develop a hybrid of regular web pages and a mobile app. This new custom web application model strives to combine features offered by the web browsers with the benefits of native-like mobile experience. PWAs can be located on the search engines and can be accessed promptly using a browser itself.

The central goal of PWAs is to bridge the gap between native apps and web apps by translocating the benefits of the native apps to the mobile browser.

PWA are:

  • reliable due to faster loading time and offline availability.
  • faster operation with smooth animations and seamless navigation.
  • engaging since it can be launched from the home screen and receive push notifications.
The implementation of PWA will be beneficial to any business in the following way:

  • Cost cutting (one team for one technology instead of different units for browsers and individual native mobile apps.
  • Improved page performance.
  • Better visibility over the internet, mainly search engines.
  • Easier and cost-friendly user acquisition of new users compared to the native mobile application.
  • No problem related to mobile applications (long deployment time, Apple/Google verification, etc.)
  • Increased user engagement (due to low page loading time, an increase in the number of new users in all browsers by 104%).
  • Integration with any existing system which is operating as a data source back-end.
The general difference between the both is that all web services are APIs, but not all APIs are necessarily web services. Both are used to perform web communications where web services employ only three styles: SOAP, REST, and XML-PRC. Whereas web APIs may use different styles for communication between services based on the requirement.
Time duration to build web applications depends on various factors such as complexity, modularity, a feature required, etc. Typically, web app developers take 2 to 3 weeks to build a small app, 3 to 6 weeks for a medium complex app, and 2 to 3 months or more for a highly advanced app. If you want an accurate estimate and free consultation based on your requirements, feel free to reach out to our expert developers.
We offer after-sales customer support, and our web application developers are experts in identifying bottlenecks to ensure maximum performance, UX, and reduced downtime. Our development team is highly quality-centric, and we focus on ensuring your app adheres to OWASP TOP 10 to avoid security vulnerabilities. Our maintenance service includes upgrades, updates of existing features or adding new ones, and conducting periodical maintenance for web improvements.

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