Serverless app development services to help you reduce operational complexity

Digitalization and migrating to a cloud system with serverless infrastructure often involves risk in processing data management. We don’t want that for you! Serverless development and consulting services enable you with best-in-class technology to create stable, secure, and reliable solutions.

serverless app development consulting

Serverless is hard. Simform makes it simple!

Delivering the power of Simform’s Serverless app development capabilities and experience to help customers scale their cloud infrastructure. Improve your application agility by extending your team with Serverless developers.

Our Serverless app development proficiency

Serverless architecture integration

Create a quality strategy for integrating Serverless network designs and scale up your application architecture with continuous monitoring and reporting. 

IaaS Serverless abstraction

Abstract the cloud computing model of your application to make it Virtual Machine ready with in-built packages that are compatible across multi-platform.

Serverless code customization

Deliver enterprise-level scalability with high Serverless performance through customized built-in features that provide reliable application logic execution. 

BaaS development

Improve your Serverless app’s launch speed with automated control of its backend that comprises remote management of VMs and containers. 

Serverless API Gateway

Build intuitive APIs that serve as a communication layer between the frontend and the Serverless logic layer without deploying load balancers. 

Auto scaling development

Provide auto-scaling configuration to your on-demand application to enable secured and automated relational database management functionalities. 

Serverless storage management

Create efficient and durable Serverless storage infrastructures with a simple interface that can scale on-demand with multi-platform compatibility and support.

Design FaaS applications

Develop readily deployable Serverless codes that save programming runtime by computing complex interactions between the API and cloud storage layers. 

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Business benefits of using Serverless technology

Reduced application latency

Reduced application latency 


Serverless applications users can be easily handled on a global scale through Serverless nodes without hampering the performance. 

No server management

No server management 


Serverless functionality practically requires a server, but it is directly managed by your vendor, thus eliminating the time required for server maintenance. 

Enhanced implementation flexibility

Enhanced implementation flexibility


Building and integrating new features, additional upgrades, and future microservices with Serverless architecture are more comfortable and faster. 

Scalable application architecture

Scalable application architecture 


Serverless technologies are known for their scalability, and they provide the necessary functions to enable applications to run in multiple instances uninterrupted. 



Serverless infrastructures involve a flexible pricing model that provides the opportunity to pay as per use, which minimizes the resources used and the investment cost. 

Automated Data Processing

Automated data processing 


Applications built with Serverless tools are highly flexible with the ability to handle ELT tasks and quickly deploy cron-type functionalities consistently.

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Simform builds & manages
remote Serverless teams

  • Serverless application Development: Our highly talented and enthusiastic developers can streamline your development process smartly by following cost-saving strategies.
  • Database orchestration: Get extremely proficient coordination between your serverless application, microservices, and the database used.
  • Integration abilities: Our Serverless experts can integrate IoT, AI, ML-based services, and third party libraries with continuous support for your Serverless application development.
  • High security: You get access to strictly enforced Identity and Access Management (IAM) compliance and Cognito authentication of users to privately secure your cloud infrastructure.
  • Guaranteed reliability: Not just security, you will obtain 24/7 maintenance of your Serverless application with dynamic encryption and access control.
  • Flexible engagement model: Create a powerful frontend with reduced bottlenecks by choosing a hiring model that best fits your project requirements to save development cost.

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