F1 like track-side technology to track and improve motorsports performance

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Capture track Performance
Visualize track performance
Analyze and improve performance
Manage Push Sensors

Executive Summary

For motorsports enthusiasts tracking performance in absence of a trackside technology has been a big problem, leading to longer learning curves. Push brings an IoT driven F1 like trackside technology for everyday enthusiasts, helping them improve their performance using drone views and insights into lap, lines and other performance metrics.

Todd Berk, Co-Founder, PUSH Inc.

Todd Berk

“We are extremely pleased to choose Simform as our development partner for mobile app requirements. As our extended team, they have fully understood the challenges of our startup and delivered on every front. They ensured all critical deadlines were met and added flexibility and agility to our mobile app development needs, which were a big help. Their model is highly transparent and we worked directly with developers, add to that a high quality app, they ticked all the checkboxes required for a reliable development partner.”


BLE performance optimization

Too much amount of data communicated was being sent in data headers.

API Integration

Efficiency is the key, otherwise inefficient API integration would downgrade the quality of entire experience.


BLE two way communication

The app communicates over BLE protocol to retrieve track data stored in the device. We set up GATT profiles for appropriate data transfer rates and optimize the
performance. Using two way communication, the app can switch off or start the sensor, or, can push OTA firmware updates.

App architecture Pattern

We built the iOS app with an MVP pattern to deliver in time, with quality. MVP patterns helped shipping in a high performing, well tested code.

Push API Integration

Push’s had an API that contained various logics to carry out necessary app features. We integrated Push’s API with iOS app to help users sign-up, send data and visualize.


File Formats and Data preprocessing

Data from onboard sensors stored in .MAT and .DAT files is transferred via mobile app to the servers. The data is then processed and cloud returns .GPX files to the mobile.

Visualizing track information

The .GPX files returned by the server contains routes and insights. Received data is then used to build track insights in the companion app.

Drone View videos

The data captured is also meshed with maps by the Push API to generate drone views on the Mobile App. These drone view videos brings unmeasurable benefits in terms of tracking and understanding track performance for motor sport enthusiasts.

Business Impact

Utilizing the new mobile app, push is now successfully bringing the F1 high tech technology to the everyday sports enthusiast. Using Push, sports enthusiasts can now not just only look into the aspects critical to their own performance, but also helps them with new innovative ways of thinking about how a particular environmental impacts overall performance as well.

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