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Online Matchmaking and personalized guidance
Machine learning driven identity verification
Voice and Video communication
In-app contracts, billing and promotion

Executive Summary

In the age of algorithmic dating, many, especially career oriented ones in their 30s and 40s donʼt feel they fit in. ONA started as a counter culture of algorithmic dating era, incorporating the network of worldʼs leading dating experts. In ONA date, users are coached, advised and manually matched to genuine users, thus increasing security of the application users.

Mark Zuppe, CEO, ONA Date

Mark Zuppe

“The team at Simform helped Ona realize it's vision and delivered clean and stunning mobile interface designs and also simplified complex user flows and interactions for the average user. They're diligent and focused on promoting great user experiences on any device.”


Cloud scalability

The business requirements setup benchmarks for network latency and application’s performance.

Twilio Integration

Twilio’s chat module was still in beta, and lacked business critical features to support the application

Digital experience

Starting from the user flow to delightful micro-interactions, we had to craft a digital customer experience from scratch.


Digital customer experience

The application offers service providers to manage their entire services and contracts directly from mobile. With ONA, we implemented customer focused onboarding processes that helps them reach the “aha” moment ASAP. By testing and validation of our user flows, we were able to successfully build a community driven customer experience that contains - Voice and Video communication, in-app blogs, embedded content, content tagging and chat facility.

Customer engagement and Analytics

ONA is a KPI driven organization, everything within ONA’s ecosystem is accounted and measured to create actionable KPIs, and later consumed to increase customer engagement. Mixpanel integration with ONA enables ONA team to generate actionable insights.

Application Integration

Apart from Mixpanel, ONA has been integrated with 15+ third party SDKs to enhance business functions: AWS - photo upload S3 bucket, as HTML parser for 3rd party blogs, Zendesk + Intercom for rapid customer servicing, Twillio for chat messaging and sharing documents, Yozio for content deeplinking, just to name a few.


Node.js and MongoDB for Scalability

We implemented async data transfer from mobile to cloud using high performing node.js framework. The scalability of read-write operations was further enhanced by MongoDB.

Cloud scalability and application performance

To achieve fault tolerance in ONA, we implemented elastic load balancing which seamlessly distribute incoming application traffic to multiple Amazon EC2 instances. And, we added image size criteria for Image delivery that reduced unnecessary burden on application servers. Further, we implemented APNGs for “pull to refresh” that were extremely lightweight and boosted performance.

Application security

Adopting a zero knowledge privacy policy standard, ONA utilizes multi-part encryption keys. With this implementation, a customer gets complete control of his information, and ONA has no way to access what kind of information is being stored by the user. To mitigate security risks associated with dating, we integrated Onfido’s machine learning stack with the application that instantly identifies and validates a real user.

Business Impact

With a well planned marketing campaign focused around the launch of ONA, the application was able to get thousands of users easily. The user experience reduced churn, and boosted network effects for organic user acquisition. ONA was later covered by all major technology publications like TechCrunch, TNW, CNET, to name a few.

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