Micro-Interactions in Mobile Devices


Today, there are more and more products on the market, and the competition is tighter. This is why we could say that the best ally to stand out in the digital ecosystem is to have a good design and offer an excellent user experience. The user experience is where the so-called micro-interactions start to play a paramount role, helping our products to provide a higher quality experience and making them more attractive to the user. But what are they?

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5 Tips to Design Effective Push Notifications

Design Effective Push Notifications

You have one unread message, your order is waiting for you at the point of issue, your tweet is liked by the person for whom you wrote it – all this good news is brought by push notifications.

Push notifications are small pop-ups that inform you of something important (or not) and appear on your smartphone’s screen even when you do not use the app. It’s a great marketing tool for user engagement, retention, building user loyalty, and increasing conversion.

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Text Content in Mobile UX Design: Critical Details You Might Ignore and Ways to Perfect It

Text Content in Mobile UX Design

Let’s be honest:

Designers, especially those working with mobile apps creation, rarely think of text content they’ll use there. Well, they know there will be some text in the app, but they rely more on UX writers here: What content a writer gives — that will go to the layout, right?

Not quite.

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