Product engineering for iHealth to deliver real time fitness coaching

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Biometric fitness application
Real-time coaching
Fitness planning and management
Wearable devices

Executive Summary

iHealth technology is a unique suite of mobile applications(iTrainU, iPlanU and iCoachU), Heart Rate Sensor and Apple Watch app that helps deliver real-time fitness coaching to celebrities. iHealth apps rely on workout and user metrics to curate workouts contextually and help users reach their fitness goal.

Scott Alexander, CEO, iHealth

Scott Alexander

“The entire Simform team are ridiculously talented and hard working but are also “problem solvers” and offer innovative and efficient solutions to development logic and algorithms. Over the years, we have built up a powerful and exciting partnership, and one where Simform will proactively recruit and train developers specifically with the skill sets required to work on our cutting edge apps. ”


Custom UI elements and Visualization

Working in close collaboration with Apple, we had to build breathtaking yet extremely challenging experiences and custom UI elements

Real time programming

One of the most challenging aspect of this project was building a zero lag workout suite

System scalability

Given the huge data volume and real time flow, we’d to make sure that the app’s performance doesn’t go down


Curated workouts

During the early stages of iHealth suite, the workout curation was mainly driven by if-this-than-that. Now, iHealth takes a lot of user inputs in clearly defined intervals, and a sophisticated algorithm incrementally adds more difficulty to workouts matching any increase in user’s stamina.

Complex UI Implementation

Working with close collaboration with Apple on the critical and innovative design aspects of the project, we wrote many new custom UI libraries for iHealth. A lot of our attention went around testing robustness and documentation these controls.

Heart rate sensor integration

Our Heart rate sensor integration ensures safe and efficient high intensity interval heart rate based training. Minimizing data headers, we significantly improved app’s performance and real-time capabilities.


HealthKit Integration

We integrated iHealth with HealthKit so that it can import all health related data within iHealth’s ecosystem and tune the workout algorithm. Upon downloading the app, the user is prompted to allow Healthkit access to access user’s data.

Coach application

With iHealth suite, coaches can manage and interact with their trainee using iCoachU. A coach can see a user workout details in real-time and can send messages to instruct them. We also built a custom coach dashboard interface so that coaches can easily see various user activities being carried out in a stream of activities.

Offline functionality

The app can work completely offline, and store data offline in a local Firebase database, which can later be uploaded to Firebase once the app gets internet connectivity.


Firebase Integration

In order to scale and serve thousands of concurrent app users, we integrated Firebase SDK in iHealth apps. Firebase is an incredibly powerful tool and provides our developers with access to a shared database structure. Any changes in the data would reflect quickly across other connected systems.

Real-time system

The workout tracking from the user’s app, iTrainU is reflected in real time on the Coach’s application, iCoachU. Each swipe on the custom developed control reflects a near real time value within iCoachU.

Apple Watch

We built glance-able visuals, utilized highly usable UI elements to help make a user most out of the Apple watch counterpart.

SSO Authorization and Deployment

We created REST APIs using PHP to deliver convenience and improved security. Also, we used a combination of deployment tools for Deployment, API versioning and device authentication. This minimized deployment errors, time spent on deployment by engineers and increased deployment frequency.

Business Impact

Currently open to selected celebrities and fitness coaches, the app is already in high demand in UK and Europe. The app also attracted attention of Apple Inc., who is now working in close collaboration to make iHealth even better.

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