Leading compliance management solution helps Fortune 500 food enterprises go paperless

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Enterprise document management (EDM)
SQF Audit preparedness
Compliance management
HACCP Plan implementation
Ensures preventive controls

Executive Summary

GFSC Group works with Fortune 500 clients to help them reach standards required to operate and trade globally. Often these enterprises have their own set of processes, standards and expectations. Gorilladox is a software suite customizable in a wide variety to help these clients manage operational activities and reach global standards in record time.

David McFalls, VP, GFSC Group Inc.

David McFalls

“The team at Simform understood our business and industry very well. We successfully deployed health and safety solution to over 150 customers within few months. Simform was always with us every step of the way, ready to support and serve our customers. They are the best software partners we have worked with.”


Industry specific processes

To build Gorilladox, a lot of industry processes needed to be studied and analyzed.

Scalable Architecture

Some enterprises had over 700,000 documents, and a scalable architecture was required.

Wide Scope

Both, in terms of technology and business processes, the wide scope required for highly proven software practices to be applied in order to develop it.


Agile Delivery

Anticipating the need for change upon customer validation, we divided the project into sprints. At the end of each sprint the product either went for iterations or got qualified for the next sprint. This way, we significantly reduced the time-to- market and built a very user centered application.

Document Control

Gorilladox’s document control was built to be highly customizable right from the organizational chart to the operational processes. All documents were stored in a central repository, accessible with restricted permissions and managed permissions.

Interactive Calendar

Using this in-app calendar, a user can easily schedule tasks or check on finished or pending tasks easily. The entire process and schedule is automatically documented and stored eliminating the need to perform repetitive data entry.


Construction Incident reporting and Hazard Analysis

Much of the industry HSE (Health, Safety and Environmental) relies on incident reporting in the workspaces. We built a custom module that not only allows ease of incident reporting, but also utilizes an innovative way of display it as well. Any construction that starts using Gorilladox optimized process has to go through Hazard Analysis, where the uploaded information is assessed based on the Hazard Assessment policy.

Supplier Management

To reduce business risks of an ineffective or a non-compliant supplier, we developed an automated supplier ratings module. It facilitates requesting supplier certifications, approval documents and rating suppliers.

Dispute Resolution

Gorilladox helps resolve customer complaints by directly connecting to suppliers via email. The ability to directly talk with the supplier resulted in faster dispute resolution.


SDS Management

While working on the customer and supplier module, we discovered the need for a SDS stock management module. This module helps manage Safety datasheets and request SDS related documents from suppliers.


The application was hosted on a single server, with multiple instances running. Each tenant(Organization) runs a customized and private instance of the server. It is further supported by well defined data security and administration privileges to manage, protect and preserve organizational data.

Maintenance and Sanitation management

Any repetitive task, especially those relating to maintenance and sanitation, can easily be scheduled and planned using Gorilladox. A dashboard conveniently outlines all such activities to stakeholders and managers.

Business Impact

Gorilladox is now an integral part of many Fortune 500 companies, and has been well known in the industry for help Food Safety enterprises reach new levels of compliances. It also helps enterprises stay efficient and organized, making the audit process painless by easily managing millions of enterprise on users’ fingertips.

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