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Gas delivery
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Executive Summary

Digital disruption is quickly taking over traditional-gas-station model. Craig wanted to bring this digital gas delivery disruption to Texas, he engaged Simform to build Fyul. Fyul is an on-demand marketplace for customers to geotag their gas filling requirement, and get it delivered at their convenience - better coined as “Uber for Gas delivery".

Craig Cumba, CEO, Fyul Inc.

Craig Cumba

“What started as an interaction over competing products, quickly transformed into a relationship working on a new product. I try my best to only work with companies that desire knowledge and understanding over a win-lose mindset, Simform fit that mold perfectly.”


Route optimization

With more than a dozen places to fill gas in, the app should help a gas delivery person in making an informed decision on where to visit first for the optimum route.

Offline functionality

In many parking lots, signal strength could be very weak and could render the app useless.


Agile delivery

Anticipating the need for change as we test the app, we divided the project into sprints. Depending upon the user feedback, at the end of each sprint the product either went for iterations or qualified for the next sprint. In this way, we were significantly able to reduce the time-to-market and built a very user centered application.

Local data storage

Gas delivery person shouldn’t have to wait for network connectivity to carry out their work. Therefore, in absence of network connection, the app works in a completely offline mode storing data locally and synchronizes with a server when a network is available.

Tracking delivery

We combined the power of Google Maps API with socket programming to build an Uber like map that allows users to see gas delivery trucks on their way in real-time with estimated time of arrival(ETA).


Payment integration and user validation

To enable payments within Fyul app, we integrated Braintree SDK with Fyul. Fyul validates each customer that requests gas delivery by deducting $1 from the customer’s account to verify if it’s a legit customer.

Data integrity

We implemented data persistence which ensures that no data is not lost if the device loses battery or gets turned off. This significantly reduces a worker’s downtime and the calls to customer service by frustrated users.

Optimal routing

Rather than burdening delivery personal with manual route optimization, we implemented an automated routing system. This automated routing system prioritize deliveries based on various factors, not only optimizing the route, but also delivering a frictionless experience to end users as well.

Application scalability with MySQL

Since, we were running MySQL, we implemented slow query log, and kept a watch for heavy queries doing location based lookups. We utilized radius indexes to speed up local search queries.

Business Impact

Fyul received wide support from early adopters during Beta testing, and now is focusing on local customer acquisition. Powered by a high performing technology base, they are creating delightful experiences for customers and hasn’t experienced any pushback yet.

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