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12 Popular Websites that use React in Production

React websites

Do you know that over 243,790 live websites use Reactjs currently? Undeniably, it has become the popular JavaScript library for building small websites to complex web apps. Modern giants like Netflix, Airbnb, Twitter, and Asana have tried their luck with React. Apart from these common big players, there are some more websites that use React in production. Let's check-out these websites in this article.

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Node.JS Use Case: When & How Node.JS Should be Used

Node.JS Use Cases Cover Image

If Node.js has ever been on your mind –– or you’ve recently started learning it –– you might be asking yourself: where can I use Node.js? If the stats are to be believed, among three in four software engineers incorporate node either in the full stack or in the backend. With the thumping majority of apps using the popular JS run-time environment, it’s a great opportunity to understand all existing Node.js use case and implement it in your organization.

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