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Building a Scalable and Maintainable Front-End with Component-Based Architecture

Preview-Component based architecture

In 2013, Facebook introduced ReactJs and changed the way developers built front-end applications. With its Component-Based Architecture (CBA), developers could divide the application features into smaller pieces and then encapsulate them to form autonomous and independent systems. Over time, using Component-Based Architecture for designing and developing the front-end applications became best practice as development teams realized its benefits.

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How to Align Your Front-End Team Structure with Architecture

Preview- Align frontend teams with architecture

Scaling up from a startup is a major transition for any organization. It is no secret that a company's engineering culture plays a crucial role in achieving the required scale. Companies generally follow various models/methodologies under the software development life cycle (SDLC) to modify the development culture. However, developers can get clogged in dependencies and tedious discussions with other departments without the practice of responsibility and ownership.

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Angular vs Vue: Which Framework to Choose in 2021?

angular vs vue

Starting from jQuery, a Javascript library released in 2006 for building interactive web apps, Javascript frameworks have evolved very quickly over the past few years. And ever since, there has been a trend for developing organized frontend frameworks. This evolution made it possible to meet the concept of Single-Page Applications (SPA) - web apps that dynamically rewrite the web pages without loading entire new pages.

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Top Frontend Trends Organizations are Embracing in 2021

Popular frontend trends

New frontend trends do not pop out of the blue in the software world. The trends become popular when either a prominent organization has adopted it, or there have been promising and evidential incentives to embrace the trend. Given that it is imperative to keep a tab on the changing requirements, let us dive into some of the top frontend trends organizations are embracing in 2021.

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Micro Frontend Architecture: The Newest Approach To Building Scalable Frontend

preview micro frontend architecture

The micro-frontend architecture has slowly but gradually gained popularity and has now become one of the most sought-after frontend development strategies. Developers appreciate the agility and freedom that comes along with this architecture and organizational stability it imparts is making life easier for CTOs worldwide. With multiple implementation strategies and tons of advantages, the micro-frontend architecture seems set to revolutionize frontend development and scaling.

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An Ultimate Guide of Web Application Architecture

Preview-Web Application Architecture

An architecture works as a foundation that defines the structure of a web application, ensuring scalability and flexibility. Investing in a well-thought web application architecture is significantly essential to future-proof your business application. In this blog, we will dive a little deeper to understand web application architecture, its importance, and the best practices one should follow to design a quality architecture.

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