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Web Application Security: Threats, Consequences, Preventions, And More

Last Updated May 16, 2022
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Web application security has become one of the top concerns for business owners with threat actors evolving their ways each passing day. This article will take you through all the nuances of web app security including consequences, types, and preventions. The knowledge will help you build a robust web app capable of preventing most attacks.

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13 Web Development Trends to Follow in 2022 & Beyond

Web App Development November 12, 2021
Last Updated May 16, 2022
Web Development Trends

The web development industry is growing rapidly and revolutionizing the way businesses interact. Hence, it’s become crucial for businesses to keep an eye on the latest technology trends in web development to stay ahead in this competitive market. Here, we will walk you through the list of the latest web development trends that can help businesses increase revenue and customer satisfaction.

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Web Application Development: A Comprehensive Guide [2022]

Web App Development September 15, 2021
Last Updated May 19, 2022
Web application development guide

Web application development needs thorough planning, the right framework, and reliable architecture. However, it would be best to consider all the aspects of the development lifecycle for your web application projects. So, here is a comprehensive guide on types of web apps, best frameworks, stages, and cost of web application development for your projects

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