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How Much Does it Cost to Build a SaaS Application? (In-Depth Guide)

Last Updated August 31, 2022

SaaS applications have transformed the software industry in the last decade. It has boosted a startup culture that can develop a product within a limited budget. This article explores how much it costs to build a SaaS application by covering factors like complexity, development stages, type of solution, type of team, and geographical location.

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SaaS Security: Guide to Principles, Challenges, and their Best Practices

Last Updated September 12, 2022
SaaS Security Ecosystem

Most SaaS products reside in cloud environments, and multiple people across the globe access them anytime, anywhere. That’s where SaaS security concerns come into the picture. This article provides a comprehensive view of SaaS security, covering fundamental principles, key challenges and risks, best practices, and checklists.

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Healthcare App Development 2022: A 5 Step Conclusive Guide For You!

Last Updated June 27, 2022
Healthcare app development

Innovations in mobile app development are powering healthcare services with enhanced functions like real-time data access, telehealth, and more. It has led to widespread adoption of healthcare app development in the health industry. So, here is a conclusive guide with a tech stack, business model, revenue streams, and more to help you stay ahead in the market.

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How to Make a Streaming App: Features, Tech Stack & Cost Analysis

Last Updated September 13, 2022
How to make a streaming app

Developing a streaming application needs consideration of several factors like features, tech stack required, and cost analysis. Considering each aspect and providing a higher user experience to your customers need proper planning, execution, testing of the product, monitoring them, maintaining performance, etc. So, here we are with a comprehensive guide on how to make a streaming app.

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