Corporate eLearning programs are increasingly adopting Virtual Reality (VR) as a medium for training employees. The experiential learning through VR opens up possibilities in eLearning not thought of before. Users' knowledge is constructed and skills are improved through experiences and activity performed in real world scenarios.

SPARK VR Platform makes VR content distribution easy, so enterprises can seamlessly deliver and manage VR learning experiences. It is a centralized platform for managing, distributing, and monitoring tailored Virtual Reality experiences for corporate training programs.

Solving the eLearning VR distribution challenge

VR experiences need to be installed locally—these are massive, heavy files that can be difficult to set up properly.

SweetRush is one of the biggest eLearning service providers in the world. With the Fortune clients like Google, Emirates, Hilton they identified the need to distribute and manage VR eLearning experiences on a global scale.

Whether it is one computer or hundreds in various locations running different learning programs, every new version and update can be a time suck. Spark VR platform solves these challenges by providing a platform for distributing and managing very large sized VR experiences across different departments and locations from one single interface.


We collaborated with their technical team and worked as a technology partner. SweetRush brought expertise from eLearning domain to building Spark, while we provided technical know how. Our deeper partnership has resulted in us building extended dev teams that integrate into their team.

As part of the platform we built a cross platform desktop apps, mobile controller apps, and a cloud app that brings everything together. The platform was first launched at Hilton across the US for managing their Virtual Reality training programs for different departments.