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Over time markets have become sentiment driven. Stock prices are heavily influenced by economic events, company/industry performance, and market sentiments. Major financial institutes are heavily investing in Sentiment based analysis and decision making for portfolio managers.

SenTMap is an advanced research tool designed to keep investors up to date with analyzed financial news – so they can focus on what matters to their holdings and make better decisions. It gives investors confidence that valuable information is being extracted from the fire hose of financial news.

Processing Firehose of information to get the right information

The biggest challenge was to develop a backend system that can churn all the data coming from thousands of News Broadcast channels. After operating on that data, the system must present meaningful insight to the investors which will help them to understand the bearish or bullish trend of the market in real-time. The system should be scalable on both backend and frontend so that real-time states, historical states, and often merging of states can be handled smoothly.

The other major challenge was to present that continuously changing data into different reports, charts, and Three-dimensional trends in real-time. Unlike prepackaged visualizations, SenTMap required custom built charts display sentiments in way that required minimum visual processing.

“We selected Simform for our financial technology visualization system that has very complex processes and 3D visualization. Of all the teams we worked with, Simform had the best service, was available for discussions, and made time to answer any questions we had.”


Market sentiment which can be positive(bullish) or negative(bearish) is output of people’s emotions, opinions and speculation towards any particular stock or entire market.

It is as important as fundamental and technical analysis. However, too much information can leave portfolio managers swamped and raises the problem of information overload. Unlike standard knowledge management system, SenTMap helps them keep the whole picture of financial news in view, including its market impact.

We built a scalable real-time analytics engine that can perform analysis based on real-time News Data to determine the trends in sentiments and stock price movements. Portfolio managers can now stay aligned with the large volume of processed content, and they can focus on what is really important for the investment.