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SenTMap: Sentiment based market analytics engine for portfolio managers

Category: Fintech

Services: SaaS Application Development



of sources constantly scoured to ingest data. 


concurrent users capacity.


dimensional dynamic charts for better data visualization.


SenTMap wanted to build an advanced tool that would help make stock investors better decisions using the power of intelligent sentiment analytics.

  • They wanted a platform that could ingest data from thousands of news and broadcast channels and filter the valuable information for end users.
  • They wanted the solution to be scalable so that the historical states and current states can be processed with utmost ease.
  • They also wanted to employ smart and dynamic data visualization to make it as easy as possible for the user to understand it.


We carefully analyzed all the requirements from SenTMap and then deployed a carefully thought-out strategy to bring their vision to reality.

  • We built a scalable real-time analytics engine that can perform analysis based on real-time News Data to determine the trends in sentiments and stock price movements.
  • We used ExpressJS, NodeJS, and BackboneJS to efficiently process all the data on server side.
  • We used squarified treemapping algorithm to build Treemaps and utilized three.js to create 3D graphics.

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