A good public transport system is an indicator of a healthy economy. However, public transport cannot reach you whenever and wherever you want. Hence in most developed Countries, cabs serve as an alternative to the lacklustre transportation system.

In Korea, even with the rising demand of cab hailing service, the struggle for a reliable on demand cab service continues. Hence, by turning to a Progressive Web App (PWA). Locar is aiming for the ultimate goal of bringing easy mobility to 50+ million users in Korea.

Meeting demand during peak hours and leveling unjust fare charges

Ride hailing market in Korea is dominated by giants like Kakao and T Map. However, even with a good network of drivers, they are not able to meet the demand during peak hours. Especially in tier 2 and tier 3 cities.

Also, more than 13 million tourists visit Seoul each year. Surprisingly, native cab booking apps in Korea don’t respond to foreigners in the language they speak. Making tourists fall prey to fleecing cab service providers and extremely poor travel experience. Hence, to address these challenges and more. Locar needed a tech solution which can meet demand at all hours and under any circumstances.