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Executive Summary

30DF LLC is very well known for their clinical and therapeutic expertise on helping people recover from breakups. They engaged Simform to build RxBreakup and help bring their scientific knowledge to the digital world to help millions.

Hudson Piehl, Director, Sourcebits LLC

Hudson Piehl, Director

“I am impressed by Simform’s professionalism. They have been responsive, engaging and flexible throughout the project. The engineering team built a solid foundation for our app and adapted as inevitable changes ensued. I am particularly appreciative of their efforts to accommodate the time zone challenges. I would welcome working with Simform on future projects.”


Building custom image filters

Available filters didn’t provide the required functionality


A traditional tiered architecture could break the entire system in this case.


Agile delivery

RxBreakup had a very strict deadline and we had to deliver two apps in two months. From our previous experiences, we decided to develop the backend of iOS and Android app using SCRUM-Agile methodology.

Implementing custom photo filters

Most of the filters required for Android app were unavailable. So, we had to build most of these in native C++ library and integrate them with the Android application.

Application scalability

We made sure that our architecture could support a sudden surge in the number of concurrent users. Further, to serve static files at scale with node.js we implemented cache management and built server queues for efficient request handling.


Flexible architecture and Reliability

The architecture we built reduced unnecessary coupling between layers and facilitated ease of undergoing changes. We further perfected this architecture by proper execution of risk, security and technical debt measures.

Quality Assurance

To build a robust, high performing product, we started testing the codebase right from start of the project. In this way latency, performance and usability issues were almost nil when the app was deployed.

Ad serving and Attribution

We integrated RxBreakup with the industry leading ad mediation service, Admob highly customizable native in-app ads. The app also uses Appsflyer SDK as a neutral third party attribution service.

Business Impact

After successful validation of MVP, RxBreakup is now helping thousands to get over a recent breakup or a lingering obsession. It’s success has inspired 30D LLC to create an app series on Dating and Lifestyle prescriptions.

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