How Technology is Enabling the Life Sciences Industry in San Diego?

Explore how tech companies in San Diego is helping the county to become a hotbed for the life science industry, start-ups, and enterprises.

November 26, 2020
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Last Updated December 20, 2021

How Technology is Enabling the Life Sciences Industry in San Diego?

The life science sector has seen enormous growth in San Diego over recent years. The city accommodates more than 600 enterprises that contribute to the 48,000+ direct employment opportunities it offers to tens and thousands of Californians.

“San Diego has a proven foundation as a hotbed for scientific talent and innovation,” Greg Bisconti, executive director and national practice group leader or the life sciences advisory group at Cushman & Wakefield, tells “It is widely regarded as the third largest life sciences hub in the country with a 20 million square-foot life sciences inventory base and growing.”

The fundamental reason behind the success of life sciences in San Diego is the immense capital investment and local support it recieves.  This includes financial aid from the local government, qualified talent from the University of California, emergence of life sciences and app development companies in San Diego

In addition to this, the unique collaboration between CTOs of tech companies in San Diego and pharmaceutical experts has opened doors to tech-driven innovations in sectors like medical devices and diagnostic equipment, research and lab services, biopharmaceuticals, bio-renewables, and life science wholesale. This has assisted frontline medics to smoothly navigate through medical processes, treatment curation, farming aid, among several other facilities.  

Now that we’ve established the role of life sciences in San Diego, let’s explore the aspects that have influenced the innovations and breakthroughs in 2020. 

Overview- Life Sciences Industry in San Diego

Based on concentration of employees, companies participating in the industry, and venture capital, JLL reported that San Diego county is the third largest life science cluster in the United States. What’s more, received $1 billion in 2019 from the National Institute of Health, which means nearly seven out of ten investment dollars went to biological sciences. 

San Diego is a hotbed for research centers and thriving private-sector enterprises. These companies bring innovation in environmental science that are backed by the county’s strong economic support. It ranks 27th in Forbes list of the top 100 places for business in the US and is home to over 300 biotech companies. 

Thanks to the hefty investments from organizations and government grants, the city has seen a surge in research and development jobs across the region. Various organizations have also introduced programs and established universities, contract-based research centers, and biotechnology startups.

And hence, San Diego is the primary driving force for training biotech scientists, including $41 billion in economic activities that support more than 170,000 jobs. These jobs heavily influence the local economy. The county plays a crucial role in producing graduates every year to the domain. San Diego universities offer more than 70 biotech-related fields to study in, and that’s huge. 

San Diego-based start-ups and enterprises continue to thrive despite the COVID-19 pandemic

It’s always been a breeding ground for biotech plants, manufacturing units, biotech equipment, and regional sales branches. In fact, the pandemic uplifted the diagnostics sector by widening the scope of vaccine development, analysis, and testing. 

According to the JLL, “In 2020, the top-ranked clusters, Boston, San Francisco, and San Diego, retained their rankings as the clear leaders among the U.S. life sciences ecosystems, remaining the top contenders for venture capital investment. In fact, these three clusters captured 70 percent of all venture capital investment for 2019.” 

Here’s the graphical representation of the global spending forecast in research and development.

life sciences industry in San Diego

Global biopharma research and development spending forecast

Technology Influences and Development in Life Sciences Sector

The life science industry demands continuous improvements and inventions with breakthroughs in drug development techniques, concepts, and procedures. Tech companies in San Diego develop software that assist the latest biotechnology machines used for critical treatments. 

The county has undoubtedly matured and developed in technological advancements by including modern techs such as artificial intelligence, natural processing, automation, and machine learning.

Since pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies highly depend on data strategy, analytics, and data management, they’re replacing their existing IT infrastructure with Cloud.

This has helped them scale their capabilities and deal with data storage, formulate complex medicines, and analyze the human-life study. In addition to this, they collaborate with B2B tech companies in San Diego to expand their reach, extend their tech teams, and learn about software technologies.

Biotech companies in San Diego use top technologies such as:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Robotics and Automation
  • Business Intelligence
  • Cloud Computing
  • Big Data
  • Cognitive Analytics

Top pharmaceutical companies focus on data-driven business processes to improve data quality, limit manual validations, and increase data visibility. It safeguards national-level data privacy and governs the regulations. 

Furthermore, they actively strive to optimize processes into Agile and DevOps methodologies as a means to develop automation-driven strategies. Agile, for one, offers a new approach to facilitate workflow, speed up testings, and prioritize feedback practices.

Over the years, biotech enterprises are facing challenges with streamlining and managing the data. It is the large volumes of data, build-up of duplicate copies, and the increase in hardware capabilities that has resulted in a constant lack of effective reporting and security issues. These companies get huge support from tech companies in San Diego as well as global outsourcing partners. 

The companies are addressing these challenges by involving data scientists in the process. Bringing the latest data science practices, frameworks, and software solutions into the implementation to prepare accurate analytics and reporting. 

Here are some top companies working towards contributing the best in the life sciences sector using the latest technologies. 

Top Biotech Companies in San Diego Upgrading Life Sciences with Technology

Human Longevity

It is known for its emphasis on data-driven health intelligence. Companies power the healthcare sector through state-of-the-art DNA sequencing and continuous expert analysis by combining Machine Learning with medical science. Their team consists of top-notch research scientists, computing experts, and medical science doctors, who continually work to make the healthcare system more efficient, accurate, and doctor friendly. 

EAG Laboratories

The multi-billion-dollar company has a solid four-decade long track record in materials testing services. They have approached more than 200,000 analytical methods, including multi-disciplinary and engineering projects. They support scientific and materials sectors through the manufacturing of medical products.


The laboratory consumables manufacturer builds sustainable products for liquid handling in medical science. They use the best of scientific methods, tools, and applications to come up with the best-in-class innovative solutions in the biotechnology industry. What’s more, they design, manufacture, and commercialize products for scientists, who are on a mission to create a healthier world.


To conserve the entire ecosystem of life science, human science is the first aspect to understand at the micro-level. Quidel develops diagnostic technologies to identify infectious diseases at the pre-stages. They work on chronic conditions and diseases such as autoimmune diseases, cancers, women’s health issues, and more.


It is working towards powering healthcare workers and enhancing their capabilities to develop therapies, vaccines, technology tools that comply with healthcare organizations. Illumina works tirelessly to offer research that assists clinical studies in disease transmission, discovers vaccines, and innovates treatment. Their field of research includes microbiology, agronomic, and reproductive healthcare. 

They are actively supporting scientists and public-health officials in defending the COVID-19 pandemic.


The technology trends in San Diego help the county establish data-driven goals. It prioritizes the customer needs with advanced technology and capitalizes on the best products and services in medical science by making them available to the world. 

The recent development in biotech companies has proven that they are technology-enabled and are capable of developing innovative drugs, farming approaches, and curating practices. What’s more, it’s also revolutionizing medical science with cutting-edge technology. San Diego continues to progress in the life science sector as it leaves no stone unturned to power biology with technology.

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