With a handful of protocols leading Internet of things, Bluetooth security for IoT becomes extremely important. For the consumer to industrial focused IoT, leveraging the mesh networks Bluetooth low energy is helping build Industry 4.0.

With Bluetooth 5.0, the enhanced BLE range, enhanced channels, and the network topology are really amazing. But, when you connect your safety critical systems, you consumer products and your daily workflow using Bluetooth low energy. How secure is Bluetooth? Read More


What really would compel someone to actually develop a complete IoT-based home automation system? Could it be the need to improve the safety of your home, could it be the desire to live a Jetson-like life that millennials always dreamt of.

It is difficult to say, often, it is even more difficult to visualize the technology that is required to build a home automation platform.

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Android app developers top api

While much is known about ranking websites on Google search, there’s very little information about ranking apps on Play store. What we find on the internet are these bits and pieces of information that advice you to get more app reviews, optimize images, localize, etc and talk little about keywords in app’s title and description.

There are some companies that have generously donated what they know to the internet, but as an app developer how do you know if that information is correct? If you look at the ASO (App Store Optimization) of Facebook, it won’t be the same for a little-known developer making apps for a niche. Some apps often bring their customers directly from either a huge following or already existing web applications. Thus, they have entirely different sort of approach towards ASO and are often more assertive rather than focused on getting found organically. Read More

Android app security

People embrace the open nature of Android, and that is something that empowers innovators to build groundbreaking products. But only a few know the dark side of this openness, Vulnerability. Our apps are always vulnerable to attack as Android does not render its code into machine code, leaving it prone to extraction. The vulnerable code can then be used for a variety of reasons, which should be daunting for any serious mobile app business.

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