21 Foolproof Ways To Optimize Checkout Page and Reduce Cart Abandonment

Jignesh Solanki
eCommerce August 20, 2020
checkout page preview

The checkout page is a critical junction of the customer journey. A strategically-built checkout page can boost the conversion rate and bring the cart abandonment rate down. This article gives you actionable tips and strategies to put things in order. We break down the four primary facets of a perfect checkout page- design, convenience, payment, and trust, and tell you can upgrade your checkout page for all the four departments.

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Atlanta’s Leading Tech Deals and Startups so far in 2020

Hardik Shah
Trending August 7, 2020

Atlanta, the capital of the southeastern state, Georgia, is now a hub for more than 13,000 technology companies. Atlanta is emerging as tech utopia in 2020. Every day, the startup ecosystem of the city is booming. It has increased the possibilities of dynamic job profiles and a growing number of software ventures. It has given a new hope to southern states and its people to stay in Atlanta. while already getting the benefits of staying in Silicon Valley and Seattle. 

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Tech Stack of 5 Popular Billion Dollar Companies

Hardik Shah
Trending July 24, 2020
Tech Stack

We live in a time of constant disruptive innovations. Today, there must be a startup somewhere in the world working constantly to solve an underlying problem in the market. Innovation and technology are the core that helps companies solve actual problems. For example, companies like Netflix, Amazon, Uber, and Airbnb served the users with a ...

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13 Companies which use Node.js in production | Detailed Discussion

Which companies use node.js preview

You might have heard how Node.js apps power businesses with high speed & performance. However, what are these businesses? & which companies use node.js? Are these common questions you stumble upon while reading about Node.js? If so, this blog will help you navigate 13 of our favourite & top global companies which use Node.js in production and help you identify their challenges and results.

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