How to Estimate Custom Software Development Costs for your Projects?

custom software development costs costs

Custom software has garnered more attention in recent years than off-the-shelf software. They are scalable, flexible, and offer a much more personalized experience. But, there is always confusion among CEOs and CTOs on the cost of custom software development? Here, we discuss different factors that can affect custom software development costs and the average price in the market.

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Node.js vs PHP- A Head to toe Comparison of Server-side Technologies


PHP and Node.js are two of the major backend technologies that power web applications. PHP is older between the two, so it naturally has a larger community and major projects in its kitty. That said, the PHP community has started realizing a lack of relevant and updated projects. Surprisingly, this is exactly where Node.js is most successful- building a strong user base across projects meant for modern-day use cases. 

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Node.js vs Python: Which one is a better backend technology?

Node.js vs Python are two of the most compared backend technologies on the web -- the first is older and more established while the latter is up and coming. Since both are very popular for web-app development, a thorough comparison is necessary before you choose one over the other. In this article, explore a comprehensive study of advantages, disadvantages, and tech similarities. And more importantly, which of the two best suits your development needs and when.

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Node.js vs Django: Key differences, popularity, use cases and more

Node.js vs Django

Web applications have become an essential part of every business today. Everybody looking to build a web application wants a fantastic framework to work with. Node.js vs Django is a common confusion when you think about choosing a high performing and scalable technology for web development. In this blog, we will give you a detailed comparison of Node.js and Django. You will understand how these are different from each other, and it will help you get out of the "Node.js vs Django" thought loop.

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How Tech is Shaping the Logistics Industry in Chicago

Hardik Shah
Trending September 3, 2020

Chicago is a well established global shipping hub. The city houses plenty of logistic giants that move goods around the world. However, the dawn of new technologies in the field of logistics has stirred up things in this city. The emergence of new players and rapid modernization of the logistics industry has opened up a world of possibilities for Chicago. Keep reading to find out what the future may look like for logistics industry in the city.

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