Bootstrap vs. Material: Which is the True Frontend Maestro?

Bootstrap vs. Material

When you develop a web app, what is the one thing that makes it most alluring for consumers? It's the UI or User Interface. For an enhanced UI, you need an excellent frontend framework, and that is where Bootstrap and Material come into play. Which one to choose between Bootstrap and Material becomes difficult for many CTOs. For all such doubts and dilemmas, here we are with a comprehensive comparison of Bootstrap vs. Material.

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Polymer vs. React: A Complete Comparison Guide for CTOs

Have you ever wondered if there’s a master key (read perfect development stack) that opens all doors to app development and helps you build an exceptional web app? We all are guilty of it. Sadly, there is no silver bullet to easy web app development, which is why CTOs and VPs should keep an eye out on the new and upcoming frontend/backend development platforms and how organizations worldwide are using them to their benefit.

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Bootstrap vs Angular: A Brief Comparison of Frontend Frameworks

Bootstrap vs Angular Frontend Framework

Within the competitive market of choosing the best frontend framework for application development, Bootstrap and Angular have come up to the hot-seat. The fundamentals of both the frameworks are different - starting from its architecture, components, development style, testing, code maintainability, and even its learning curve. Instead of getting into the competitive debate, you can read through our comprehensive guide outlining the fundamentals of both the frameworks.

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Bootstrap vs React: A Comparison of 12 Principal Components

Bootstrap vs React Frontend framework

Bootstrap is often referred to as an open-source frontend toolkit, while Reactjs is a JavaScript library for building UI. With the building popularity and an emerging market share of Bootstrap, it has proved to be a good competition against React. With distinct qualities, characteristics, and features in each of these frameworks, the question that comes to our mind is, “Which one is the optimal framework for our project?”

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A Guide on Multi-Site Management Using Headless CMS

Cloud March 30, 2021
Multi-site management headless CMS architecture

Multi-site management is known for answering the calls of business holders with the wish of expanding their business, attracting new consumers, or even increasing market penetration. While it comes with its challenges, it is a new promise to reach more consumers locally and globally, given that it is utilised in the proper manner.

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Remote (Work From Home) Survey 2021: 82% US-based Companies Offer Permanent WFH

Trending March 12, 2021

Remote working is no longer a luxury but the need of the art as far as workplaces are concerned. Many big organizations have taken the decision to allow remote working as a permanent mode of working. The question is, where do the employer as well as the employee go from here on? Let's find out that with our detailed survey on remote working that has amazing insights.

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Laravel vs CodeIgniter: Comparing two PHP frameworks on the basics of web app development

Laravel vs Codeignitor preview

To take an informed decision that suits your demands and fits your project requirements, you will need a comprehensive understanding of both Laravel and CodeIgniter. This comparison – Laravel Vs Codeigniter – should give you a thorough understanding of various factors while choosing either of these PHP frameworks. So without further ado, let’s get started

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