Atlanta’s Leading Tech Deals and Startups so far in 2020

This post introduces you to new tech biggie in coming years by looking at Atlanta's tech deals, mergers & acquisitions in 2020.

August 7, 2020
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Last Updated December 20, 2021

Atlanta’s Leading Tech Deals and Startups so far in 2020

Atlanta, the capital of the southeastern state, Georgia, is now a hub for more than 13,000 technology companies. Atlanta is emerging as a tech utopia in 2020. 

Every day, the startup ecosystem of the city is booming. It has increased the possibilities of vibrant business deals and a growing number of software ventures. It has given a new hope to southern states and its people to stay in Atlanta – an ever-increasing information and technology hub. 

Atlanta is the Silicon Valley of South! Startups and mid-sized businesses can discover new talent resources and experienced app developers in Atlanta because of the thriving IT sector of the city.

Undoubtedly, the city has got attractive tech deals, touching inspiring heights of acquisitions and mergers. This newly established tech hub is not stopping but growing with its full-fledged capacity.

It is lauded for its flourishing industries like telecom, finance, digital media, thriving mobility, gaming environment, software development along with the real advantage of the rising tech talent market.

Preface: Atlanta is growing in the IT domain than any other US cities

According to Forbes, Atlanta is among the five cities in the United States that’s on the brink of becoming tomorrow’s tech mecca. Over the years, it’s shown a promising growth of 34.7%, making it the #1 city to start a business. In fact, in 2018, the city reported a tech workforce of 141,580 professionals that increased the employment growth to 29.1% between 2013 and 2018.

This high-tech urban center is leading in digital innovation that has given rise to many cybersecurity companies and addressed challenges in digital solutions. 

It has become one of the fastest-growing regions for financial services and has given rise to potential fintech companies that are embracing state-of-the-art technologies to enhance their products. Furthermore, it offers growth opportunities for unmatched talent from colleges and universities in the entertainment and digital media sectors. 

If you are looking for software development companies and would like to engineer the best software products, Atlanta has started watering the strong roots in industry sectors and supported the growing need for IT and engineering professionals.

While many of it is happening in the US and Georgia, there are thousands of tech deals happening around the world, including Atlanta’s significant footprint in the software development industry. Looking at these mergers and acquisitions, we can gauge the future scope of this business over the next decades. 

Before diving into the tech deals in Atlanta and acquisitions, let’s recall potential reasons for why Atlanta is the “Growing Silicon Valley?”

  • Atlanta is diverse in a way, giving a home to hundreds of trade organizations, programs, and initiatives – one of the leading cities in the US for brimming with innovation
  • According to hypepotamus, Atlanta is named one of the 15 new cities adopting techhire initiative
  • A vibrant ecosystem of support to grow technology firms – Atlanta is resourceful in providing co-working spaces, incubators, accelerators and hundreds of supportive programs for assisting entrepreneurs
  • Rent for working spaces are significantly cheaper than the established tech hubs like New York, San Francisco, and Seattle
  • Well-established corporations to help grow young tech startups and is home to more than 15 Fortune 500 companies

Let’s dive right into the deals that have taken place this year so far.  

These are the software startups/companies that went well-off with the funding and partnerships in the year 2020. 


MessageGears, an Atlanta-based marketing solutions company, raised a round of $12M in funding led by Argentum and Bridge Bank in 2020. Roger Barnette, CEO at MessageGears, reported that this capital would be distributed between two of their key goals: to build their sales and marketing teams and to add about 50 openings by year-end. It was further announced that Walter H. Barandiaran, Managing Partner at Argentum, joined the board of directors at MessageGears.

Demand Driven Technologies

Demand Driven Technologies is a software startup located in Atlanta, offering inventory management and supply chain planning solutions to manufacturers and distributors worldwide.   

The product generates MRPs based on the actual demands in the market. What’s more, clients can also calculate prices and forecast costs depending upon the current market demand. In 2020, the company raised $3.6M along with its investors’ participation.

CINC Systems

In June 2020, CINC systems received a significant investment from Spectrum Equity,a growth equity firm. This funding will serve as a foundation for the SaaS company to strengthen its market position as well as expand its local reach.

Blacc Spot Media

The result-driven cloud communication and strategic consulting firm that provides application development services has received 2.019 percent growth in the past three years. Blacc Spot Media collaborates with startups and enterprises alike to integrate high-tech solutions to reinforce communication within their organization. These services can be implemented across cloud communication channels to organize business processes, minimize costs, and enhance efficiency.


DigitalCrafts is a coding boot camp in Atlanta that has earned 2957% of the growth in the last three years. This institute offers extensive training programs on coding, corporate training, and staffing solutions. The enrollment of students’ for programming made it to the highest job placement ratio, which was 85% in 2018. 

Cognira’s Analytics Platform

Cognira is an analytics platform to help retailers forecast data and evaluate customer demographics. It has emerged as the 5000th rank in Inc 5000 companies with 3136% growth in the last three years. The analytics platform is used by prominent companies such as Nordstrom, Coach, Land’s End, and Office Depot. It’s one of Hatem Sellami’s software ventures.


At the start of 2020, January proved to be extensively advantageous for Vital4Data, a Marietta based cloud software company. The company offers diligence data search worldwide and has received $100K as funding based on the SEC Govt.’s data.


SlumberPod, a Georgia based startup company, designs private sleeping pods for toddlers and kids. The company has received a $400K investment from the founder of Corcoran Group. The company has emerged as a toddler’s favorite destination for all kinds of sleeping, providing a dark yet safe environment.

Advanced Claims Technologies

According to SEC filings, Advanced Claims Technologies, Inc is a Woodstock-based company that has received a $400K function. The company processes aerial views of roofs to predict weather damages and prepares reports based on that. It helps predict claims in advance using economic roof sketches.

Crescendo – A music training app

Like every year, Create-X has been successfully launching startups in technology companies Georgia. It has recently announced an AI-powered interactive music trainer app Crescendo. It helps its clients in learning musical instruments. The famous musical communities like Ultimate Guitar in the app leverages artificial intelligence as a prominent feature and enhances the user experience.


It is a top-ranked lending company that helps startups and small businesses by providing additional revenue without requiring analysts or accounting staff. The platform lets companies scale their business domains by allowing them to use the power of information to rapidly monitor millions of customers, understand cash flow, and more. The platform has increased its profit by 979% in the last three years under the leadership of Rob Frohwein

Toucan AI

It is funded by MTT Ventures, Silicon Road, Seraph Group, and many other investors. The AI chatbot, launched this year, helps Shopify stores measure their analytics. Additionally, it presents a host of features such as answering common questions and automating responses with engaging and convincing answers. Toucan AI is easy to set up and install configurations.

Radio, Inc.

According to prnewswire, Radio, a successful product line by Phobio LLC, has launched a workforce communication platform. It helps organizations manage complex and large workforces during their working hours. The newly launched platform has received $500k funding and has collaborated with,, and Kronos. The platform is designed to help establish peer-to-peer chat experience for mobile-first generation, streamlining the company’s fieldwork management.

Bridge Brothers

Bridge Brothers has acquired 2,082% of growth over the last three years. The company builds custom bridges, hiking trails, and giant skyways with many government agencies. It’s got a customized online solution that lets users select  patterns to build bridges and sideways.


Atlanta has proved to be a breeding ground for tech startups because of its overwhelming support, funding, partnerships, and acquisitions. The city is a promising space for every resource that a tech company ever needs such as coworking spaces, assisting venture capital, tech talent pools, and more. It is no surprise to see Atlanta transform into the Silicon Valley in the next decades.  

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