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Sales Enablement
Customized sales content
Enterprise content tracking

Executive Summary

Started back in 1990 as presentation management company, Accent is now a B2B Enterprise sales enablement company. Using their scientific, data-driven approach they serve over 100 Fortune 500 clients across the globe using digital products and consulting services. Accent connect is a sales content management and distribution tool for on-the-go salesmen.

Michael Regas, Senior Manager, Accent Technologies Inc

Michael Regas

“Working with Simform team was a great experience. They delivered a quality product to us that met our needs at the time. They were able to handle many change requests and put out several fires for us when we had demos for potential clients. They are overall a very responsive and professional group to work with.”


UX design

The app would be used on the go, often by overworked salesman and requires a very intuitive user experience.

Compliance control

Many of their clients especially those in finance, required certain compliances to be followed while delivering content to clients and Salesmen.

Customizing collaterals

The app not only required to distribute collaterals, but also required the functionality to enable a salesman to customize them on the go.


User experience

The only way to determine the best user experience was by theorizing and validation by testing our ux solutions. We captured various pains and frustrations that Salesmen faced, and built a very streamlined and easy to use interface.

Permission levels and security

To tackle with compliance, we created various permission levels within the app to govern the distribution of content within sales teams. Any request to access content passes through secured mobile gateways preventing data theft and leakage.

Application integration

Accent has built their own set of APIs to carry out certain operations, we integrated those API endpoints securely to the iPad application. Wherever possible, we modified their existing APIs to bring new functionalities to app, saving hundreds of hours required to develop and test new APIs. There were certain parts, where we had to write APIs from the scratch.



The sales team can not only access the sales content remotely, but can also customize and save it according to their needs. To drive even more sales efficiency, the app allows notes and comments to be attached to a content piece for delivering a more personal touch to each sales call.

Reducing manual work

The app runs on top of business rules which reduces the manual work involved in building a sales collateral. The app automatically generates presentations and pitchbooks from pre approved materials, and includes mandatory disclosures.

Content tracking

Each piece of content created or fetched from the central repository requires to be tracked using Accent’s existing API. The app complies with SEC Rule 17a-4, following requirements for data retention, indexing and accessibility.

Business Impact

After Accent Connect was deployed into the market, it quickly became one of the four pillars of advanced sales execution for Accent Technologies. The solution is performing at very high levels for retail wealth management and institutional asset management firms.

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